Green Bay Olive Oil Company

Green Bay Olive Oil Co. was created in the spirit of recognizing all people are starved for time; time for ourselves and serving the ones we love. 

Dozens of flavors aides you to save time in the kitchen or anywhere you go. You will have world renowned tastes as a result, with time to spare. The best part is these flavors will encourage you to cook and be more creative.   -Kari Trzinski (Founder)

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Our Butter Olive Oil will leave you with that classic movie theater butter aroma filling your home after sautéing your favorite veggies in this mouthwatering delight of an extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy the flavor of butter with the health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil. A simple way to cut on saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol in your diet without sacrificing the flavor! Amazing on popcorn!

8.5 oz - 16.95

Harvest Garlic

AWARD winning

To create this extraordinary full flavored and perfectly balanced olive oil, we use
only the freshest ingredients in precise proportions. The moment a bottle is
opened the abundant aroma of fresh roasted garlic permeates the air. The intense
garlic flavors dance across the palate with a naturally robust tang. The fresh garlic
adds to the health benefits of our all-natural extra virgin olive oil.

Serving Suggestions: Jazz up any dish that requires garlic.
Perfect for bruschetta, cheeses, salad dressings, or use to create your own dipping sauce. Use in marinades and sauces. Splash on pasta, seafood, vegetables, meats, chicken and to baste breads. Use in your favorite mushroom ragout recipe and serve over pasta and garlic toast.

2 oz - 6.95

8.5 oz - 16.95

Sesame Nut

With it's rich amber color and distinctive flavor, and aroma, it is no wonder that sesame oil is a mainstay in the Chinese Kitchen. The toasted flavor of sesame oil replaces the taste of 'browned' butter and adds its own unique qualities. Drizzle over oranges for a wonderful nutty flavor. 

Tuscan Herb

A wonderful blend of several herbs including oregano, basil, garlic, and rosemary make this olive oil a superior bread dipping and seasoning oil. It's a perfect balance of fresh herb flavors. Pairs excellent with cranberry pear or premium balsamic.

2 oz - 6.95

8.5 oz - 16.95


Made with extra virgin olive oil, this spicy Harissa flavor showcases a combination of North African chili peppers. In its truest form, Harissa is a hot pepper chili paste, made from chili peppers, paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic and olive oil. This versatile spicy oil can be used in so many ways - to sauté vegetables (especially delicious with eggplant), marinade chicken or pork, or use as the oil in your favorite hummus recipe for a nice smoky kick. Heat scale is slight, for the cumin. Its more flavorful than hot. 

Serving Suggestions: Use to fry eggs, coat rice (white or
brown rice, couscous or quinoa) before steaming, up your chicken game,
make your own hummus, and sauté or grill shrimp. Delish tossed in
cooked chicken wings.

8.5 oz - 16.95


Enjoy the bold, wood-smoked flavor of this olive oil, using it to add a unique
barbecue flavor to your meats and vegetables.

Serving Recommendations: Great in potato salad, wonderful in
marinades for steak tips or chicken, try in sauces such as BBQ, brush on
grilled meats or vegetables or drizzle on mashed potatoes. Can add to rim
of bloody mary glass with seasoning salt

2 oz - 6.95


Enjoy this Mediterranean olive oil imported from Tunisia, one of the top
producing (and longest producing) olive regions of the world. This versatile oil is
smooth in flavor, with a rich mouthfeel and fresh taste. This is a blend of Chetoui,
Arbequina and Chemlali olives.

Serving Suggestions: Drizzle on baked goods, bread
dipping, sautéing and splashing any salad

8.5 oz - 16.95

Italian Blend

This extra virgin olive oil is a beautiful blend of Rosemary, Oregano and Basil.
This makes for a great combination for many dishes and great for bread dipping.

Serving Suggestions: Add these flavors to pastas, bread
dipping or compliment meats. Drizzle over any veggie or marinade
martini olives.

2 oz - 6.95

Black Truffle

This Black Truffle Olive Oil is a great way to experience the taste of fresh truffles without breaking the bank.  A favorite ingredient with many chefs that add the extra richness to your creations. With an earthy aroma this oil has a intense flavor with a gentle olive oil finish.  Just a drop or two of the oil will bring out a fuller truffle flavor in your dish.

Serving Suggestions: Toss some french fries with the oil and a little chopped garlic for the perfect side dish.

2 oz - 7.95


ozozThi8.5This extraordinary rosemary infused blend is savory, smooth, and buttery. The delighfully robust aroma penetrates your senses, and has a light finish. Pour over any chicken, seafood, potatoes, pasta or even add to an aged balsamic for bread dipping. This extra virgin olive oil is your missing ingredient to any dish.

8.5 oz - 16.95

Black Truffle Salt

Try our best selling Black Truffle Salt. This is the most flavor you can get into a 4oz. jar. We use the world's best black truffles to ensure the flavor is full of punch. Sprinkle on: popcorn, potatoes, pasta, veggies, rice, pizza, burgers, steak and SO much more! Get yours today before we sell out again!

4 oz - 16.95

CranberryCranberryCranberry Pear

sweettDeleDelectably sweet and tart.  Use to make a variation of cranberry salad for thanksgiving (or any family get-together) or try in a spinach salad with dried cranberries and slivered almonds with Parmesean shavings. Use to caramelize a poached pear with walnuts for desert.

2 oz - 6.95


Garlic Infused White Balsamic Vinegar - One of the most versatile balsamic vinegar for vegetables, marinades, salads and dressings. This flavor combines our Premium-Aged White Balsamic and freshly extracted garlic flavor. This is a must have for any cooking. It's versatility is like no other and a true "lightning in a bottle"!

2 oz - 6.95


Our naturally infused balsamic has buttery and caramel notes. It is caramel color-free and free of added sugar or thickeners and aged in the wood barrels of the traditional in Modena, Italy. When Golden Figs are blended with more aromatic ingredients, such as lavender, pine nuts and fennel, the flavors are nutty and buttery pairing well with roasted chicken, fish or pork.

2 oz- 6.95

8.5 oz - 16.95



Serving iOur Dark Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar is a wonderful indulgence of raspberries combined with our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and will awaken your senses with its rich full-bodied flavor and vibrant aroma of fresh raspberries.


Serving Suggestions: Great alone or paired with olive oil or try it with the Blood Orange olive oil for a great bread dip or salad dressing. This Balsamic is also awesome on vanilla ice cream.

                       2 oz- 6.95


Blend of blueberries with our dense aged balsamic vinegar creates this fragrant, syrupy, and sweet sensation. The tang of the blueberries adds another dimension to this popular blend thats is full bodied and mouth watering with a smooth finish. Pairs excellent with Meyer lemon, lime, blood orange, basil, or Tuscan Herb EVOO's.

2 oz - 6.95


aged on Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy is aged up to 5 years with a slightly tart finish. It is so smooth you could sip it after dinner.


Serving Suggestions: Use it as a drizzle on aged cheeses, cured meats and fresh fruit, or as a dessert sauce for vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Makes a great marinade or a fabulous finish on salmon.

8.5 oz - 16.95

Honey Ginger

Honey and ginger play well together and bring a gentle spicy heat, which balances perfectly with the moderate, natural acidity of the white balsamic. Its wonderful paired with our Toasted Sesame oil for any sort of vegetables or Asian cooking. It also pairs well with our infused California Lime olive oil for a tangy salad dressing.

2 oz - 6.95


Our award-winning Fresh Basil Balsamic vinegar will remind you of the comfort of home. The fresh flavor of basil is wonderfully paired with our white balsamic, creating an invigorating, delightful aroma and flavor. Use this on pizza, colesalw, salads and fresh fruit.

8.5 oz - 16.95