Avocado Tea Co.

All good stories start with avocados and end with a good cup of tea, at least that's how this story goes...

Once upon a time there was a real estate broker ready to retire with her handsome husband. They were in search of land with a breathtaking view to build their dream home and eventually found perfection in the hillsides of Temecula California. During her searches she continued to come across the benefits of the avocado leaf. First learning that people had drank avocado leaf extract for centuries dating back to the Aztecs & Mayan cultures who drank the leaf extract as an elixir. There was only one dilemma, it came with 550 avocado trees - which did not look or sound like retirement. One evening, after an exceptionally good cup of boiled leaf she looked at her handsome husband and said "Someone should really share this tea with the world." And so she did. - Sharon Colona (Founder)

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ChamomileThis beautiful blend is comprised of our 100% natural Avocado Leaf and

natural chamomile flower. Chamomile is known for the calming effects and is

a beneficial herb for sleep and relaxation. This is an ideal bedtime drink to 

enhance your tranquility and well-being.

Flavor Profile

The chamomile blend is aromatic and light-bodied with an natural taste of

honey. The Avocado Leaf and the delicate floral profile of the chamomile flower are in perfect harmony.


Avocado Leaf, Chamomile flower



Our Avocado Lemon Blend makes a wonderful iced tea in the summer
and a soothing hot tea in the winter months. It is smooth and flavorful
with no astringency. Steep it for as long as you would like, it just gets
better with every minute. Each tea sachet brews 2 full cups and each
sip transports you to the sunlit groves of Temecula, California.

Flavor Profile
Our lemon blend is light and bright with a subtle sweetness added
by the honeybush. It has a fresh Meyer Lemon taste without the bitter
notes a lemon can bring. 


Avocado Leaf, Honeybush, Lemon Grass, Natural Flavor



Our Avocado Peach blend is our most popular blend! Bursting with a
juicy peach flavor and blended in perfect harmony with the Avocado
Leaf. It is smooth and flavorful with no astringency. Steep for as long as
you would like, it just gets better with every minute. Each tea sachet
brews 2 full cups.

Flavor Profile
A perfect combination of sun-ripened peach, infused with the smooth
and rustic flavor of the Avocado Leaf. A delicate sweet note is added from
the succulent honeybush. The aroma is fresh and subtly sweet with
earthy notes.


Avocado Leaf, Honeybush, Natural Peach Flavor